We are full speed ahead on the blockbuster Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor superfight. And with all the talk going around from pretty much anyone involved in combat sports, things are starting to get interesting.

There are a couple of ways to go about this fight. Obviously on one side of the equation, you have a large majority of fans who don’t believe McGregor can beat Mayweather. And on the other side, however small it may seem, you have fans predicting an upset. While most everyone is on one side of the fence, one man is choosing to defy the norm and side with the Irishman. UFC President Dana White recently went on ESPN and told Max Kellerman that he will never doubt McGregor again.

Dana White says he no longer doubts Conor McGregor

“I know Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor has done things that people think he couldn’t do since he go into the UFC. This kid is amazing. Some of the things that he’s pulled off. He wants this fight. I stopped doubting the kid a long time ago,” said White. “I’m going to give [the fight] to [McGregor].”

“It wasn’t even a hesitation. I absolutely did not want to do it. I was like, ‘this is ridiculous’,” said White, about how he didn’t want to make the Mayweather-McGregor fight in the beginning. “Conor wanted this fight really bad.

“Let me tell you what, Conor McGregor came out and said, and for the people who are boxing fans that might not know this but there’s a guy named Jose Aldo who is the only 145 lb. champion ever in the history of the UFC. [McGregor] went out and said I will knock this guy out in the first round.

“I said, ‘Conor man, you might be overselling this thing’. Conor McGregor knocked [Aldo] out in 13 seconds. Knocked him unconscious in 13 seconds, a legend in the sport. He wants to fight Floyd Mayweather. He believes that he will beat him, and I stopped doubting Conor McGregor a long time ago.”

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White appeared on ESPN First Take recently

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith dug a little deeper and wanted to know what McGregor told White to get him to sign off on the bout. White, who initially opposed to making the bout, eventually caved in and became an instrumental part of negotiations with the Mayweather camp.

“We sat down with Conor and we walked through it. He let us know that this is what he really wanted. If this (fight) couldn’t get done, he was still willing to defend his (UFC) 155 lb. world championship. I promised him I would sit down and give this fight a run.

“This isn’t the first time a UFC fighter has wanted to fight a boxer. Or a boxer has wanted to fight a UFC fighter. It’s gone on a million times. James Toney (former boxer) chased me around the country, terrorizing me to fight in the UFC. Until finally I did it. Roy Jones wanted to fight Anderson Silva. The list goes on and on.

“This (Mayweather-McGregor) fight was the right fight, with the right people, at the right place, the right time. The money side doesn’t matter. (If there was no Mayweather fight) Conor McGregor would defend his belt twice this year and both would do over a million buys. This is a fight that these two guys wanted, this a fight that was built by them, the fans and the media. It’s the fight that everybody wanted, we’re delivering it.

“Whatever happens on August 26th, we’ll see.”

If McGregor touches Mayweather, it’s over

Obviously, White believes in his ward and has placed his bets. White says if McGregor touches Mayweather, it’s lights out.

“When he (McGregor) touches people, they go to sleep. If he can touch Floyd Mayweather in a 12 round fight, I think he will hurt him,” White said.

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  1. If McGregor had planned on defending his title he wouldve done it a long time ago and he still wont whether he wins or loses. He shouldve been stripped the minute he signed on for this fight like Dana claimed he would be in the beginning. As far as him knocking Floyd out theres always that chance but its a small one. Over the 20 years of Boxing undefeated Mayweather fought some of the hardest punchers of the modern era. I doubt very seriously that McGregor can pull off what they couldnt against a man that is a master at not taking shots. I predict that McGregor will let his ego overide his common sense by trying to run in for that knockout and just might get himself put to sleep. Floyd will be looking for openings and angles that only fighters with his experience and knowledge have. McGregor is in way over his head on this one

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