Dana White: “Conor Wants Khabib Rematch so Bad”

By Darren
Dana White: “Conor Wants Khabib Rematch so Bad”

Conor McGregor doesn’t fight very often these days but he’s still the hottest commodity in MMA. The Irishman is more lucrative than any of his fellows and, as such, everybody wants a piece of him. Everybody, except the man who inflicted his most one-sided defeat.

Only time will tell who the Irishman will return to action. His comeback is further complicated by the current global health crisis as well as Justin Gaethje v Tony Ferguson. Even Jorge Masvidal is still in the picture.

But UFC President Dana White has another idea. He definitely wants that Khabib rematch in the future. Meanwhile, another foe of the Irishman has been shouting his name again. Read on to find out who.

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Dana White answered fan’s questions on Reddit. He said that he still wants to see a McGregor v Khabib rematch. Of course, this is because it would make massive numbers for the UFC. Meanwhile, McGregor is desperate to do himself right this time. White said:

“I know everybody is gonna go ‘isn’t he awesome’ but it’s true. I would have to say Conor Khabib… Conor wants that rematch so bad and I would love to see it,”

However, there is a bit of a backlog in the lightweight division right now. With Khabib talking about retiring after 30 fights, we might never see it.

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Petty Paulie

However, another man who wants to fight McGregor is Paulie Malignaggi. The former welterweight champion has a three-year grudge with the Irishman, since before the Floyd Mayweather fight. But he still wants revenge. He told The Sun:

“I will gladly do winner takes all the money in that fight. I will put my finances at risk because it will be a pleasure to beat that guy up. There would be a lot of money in the pot. I would rather let the winner take it all.

“He’s dragged my name too much in the mud. He knows he will get the s*** beat out of him if he tries me. Him and I both know that. He gets stopped, 100%, no doubt about it. He can’t last the distance in a boxing match.”

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Malignaggi also condemned The Notorious for fighting Donald Cerrone. He said that ‘Cowboy’ was half-dead walking into the cage. Michael Bisping believes that McGregor would get the win by KO. After all, Artem Lobov managed to beat him in the bare-knuckle game.

“He’d rather fight guys like Donald Cerrone who are half-dead going into the cage. People argue that I’m not a big enough name for McGregor. Cerrone is definitely half the name that I am, and that’s no shot at him, because he’s done a lot in his MMA career I’m a bigger fighter than Cerrone.”

If McGregor is serious about pursuing boxing then perhaps a fight against Malignaggi might not be such a bad idea. He has name recognition and is definitely out of shape right now. If he wants to get a win on his record against someone famous then there might be nobody better.