Dana White Slams ‘Cokehead’ Oscar De La Hoya in Brutal Statement

By Dazzler

Dana White Has Issued Harsh Words to Oscar De La Hoya After the Debacle that Was Chuck Liddell v Tito Ortiz…

UFC President Dana White was consistent in his criticism of Oscar De La Hoya’s decision to make a Chuck Liddell v Tito Ortiz trilogy fight the headline bout for Goldenboy MMA’s debut. His worst fears proved founded after Liddell was absolutely brutalized by Ortiz in the cage.

A beef had developed between White and De La Hoya, with the Mexican former boxing champion slating the UFC President for underpaying his fighters. Needless to say, White didn’t like this and wasn’t happy with his close friend Chuck Liddell’s health being put at risk.

White has now issued a harsh, relentless statement clarifying his position on the whole situation. He explained exactly why he’s lost respect for De La Hoya and pretty much summed up why Liddell v Ortiz left such a bad taste on the mouths of fight fans around the world.

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White was quick to clarify that he has nothing but respect for Chuck Liddell, who is an absolute legend of the sport. It was a tragedy to see him in the octagon the way he appeared, but we still have to love ‘The Iceman’ who is one of the most influential MMA fighters of all time. White said:

“People do think I’m badmouthing Chuck Liddell, but the reality is, first of all, lets says this first, I heard last week that the cokehead, ‘Oscar Del La Weirdo’ is talking sh-t, that I don’t have any place to tell guys when to retire. First of all, it’s called friendship you f-cking cokehead,” said White. “I’ve been friends with Chuck Liddell for 20-years and the reality is that Chuck Liddell retired when he should’ve retired, 8 or 9 years ago whenever it was.”


One of the biggest talking points in the build-up to this fight was the way De La Hoya was trashing how much the UFC pays their fighters. White was quick to pounce on this after the event, slamming the hypocrisy of Goldenboy MMA who had severely underpaid their fighters too.

“Fighting is a young mans’ game. He can’t do it and Oscar Del La f***ing Hoya says ‘oh come over to Golden Boy where we respect the fighters and it makes me sick what the fighters were paid and all this s***,” said White. “Out of 14 fights on the card, five fights were amateur bouts which means they didn’t pay them jack s***.”

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It’s all over now anyway. Tito Ortiz has officially retired following his pyrrhic victory over Liddell. It remains to be seen what will happen to ‘The Iceman,’ and whether or not Goldenboy MMA has a future. A possibility could be to follow the ONE Championship model, which often has multiple combat sports like kickboxing, MMA and even boxing at one event.

Could this be the future of combat sports? Instead of pure boxing cards or just MMA, there could be an increased effort to make hybrid events.