Who Doesn’t Love a Violent KO? This is One of the Best You’ll See This Year… 

One of the Slickest Spinning Back Elbow KOs Went Down This Weekend at Pancrase 301 this weekend. One of the oldest MMA organizations on the planet, since its inception in 1993, Pancrase has stuck around as a reliable platform for decent action fights, even if it’s never set the world on fire like ONE or even RIZIN now.

The likes of Frank and Ken Shamrock, Carlos Condit, Chael Sonnen, and Josh Barnett are some of the best-known MMA stalwarts to come through the gates of Pancrase. Since 2015, Pancrase fights have been available to watch on Fight Pass, increasing the number of viewers dramatically.

They’re worth a watch too. The footage below shows one of the crispest knockouts you’ll ever watch as Salimkhan Sadulloev floored Akira Okada with a devastating spinning back elbow. In a year of incredible finishes, this is up there with the best.



This spinning back elbow smashes Okada in the head like a pickaxe. It’s one of the most vicious finishes you’ll ever watch. Tajikistanian lightweight Salimkhan Sadulloev was the underdog coming into this fight. Okada was coming into the match with wins over Ricardo Tirloni and Akihiro Gono and was expected to carry his momentum forward.

However, he found himself laid out flat on the floor after Sadulloev produced a moment of highlight reel magic, that he’ll definitely be showing his grandchildren in the future. Spinning back elbows require precise timing. If anything goes wrong, you’re left exposed and could fight yourself on the receiving end of violence.



This wasn’t the only knockout that Pancrase produced. Kosuke Kindaichi produced another moment of class when he KOed Takashi Matsuoka in the final second of the first round, with a devastatingly clean strike as Matsuoka came in fast and hard. Kindaichi landed with perfect timing to put his opponent to sleep.

There are so many MMA promotions out there nowadays, it’s difficult to keep track of all the action. But definitely, don’t think that the UFC is the only outlet for your combat sports cravings. It might contain most of the best fighters, but if its entertainment you’re looking for, the regional scene can be your best bet. Cage Warriors, KSW, Bellator, RIZIN, ONE, Invicta, and ACB are just some of the many that thriving around the world.


Perhaps the knockout of the weekend went to Magdi Gereev at Made4theCage in Tyneside, UK. He wheel-kicked Mark Ross into oblivion. The Dagestani fighter was coming off the back of a three-fight win streak, so this performance was all or nothing for him.

That’s the spirit of combat sports and martial arts folks. If you want to find true warriors you need to look beyond the big promotions. These guys get paid pittance and do it for the love of the sport and the hope of a brighter future. There’s something so special about two men facing off and putting it all on the line.

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