The countdown began last week, but apparently it will get even crazier…

Nearly two years after the talk started, we find ourselves on the brink of one of the craziest fights ever. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, two men from completely different sports, are on a collision course.

While Mayweather’s side is yet to sign the contract, McGregor’s name is now on the dotted line.

UFC star Conor McGregor has apparently already started training camp for the Floyd Mayweather fight…

McGregor’s Camp Begins

McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy says they are happy for negotiations to drag out:

“We’re training now. The longer it takes Mayweather to sign, the better it is for us,” said Roddy during a recent interview with “We get more time to study him the longer he drags it out. We can get people in to help us if needs be. I see the negotiation period as just more time for Conor to immerse himself in boxing.

“The longer he takes to sign, the better it is for us. To be honest, we’re ready to go now.”

“We’ve almost been preparing since Conor’s last UFC fight,” said Roddy. “As soon as the talk picked up we started getting ready for it. We all realized that there was too much money to be made on both sides for it not to happen.

“Both Conor and Mayweather made it clear that they wanted the fight, so it was bound to happen. Conor is happy with what he’s getting,” said Roddy. “If Conor is happy with what he’s getting, I don’t think he cares what Mayweather is getting. It makes no difference.

“Conor would not have signed if he wasn’t happy with his deal. I doubt he will be affected in any way by what Mayweather is getting for it.”

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather edge closer to a boxing superfight by the day…

Dana White’s Comments

As quoted by LowKickMMA, UFC president Dana White teases a press conference for the ages. White also goes on, predictably, to say his Irish friend is more popular than boxing great Manny Pacquiao:

“Usually when guys do press conferences with Floyd, they calm up and they don’t say anything. That won’t be the case in this one. The press conference will probably be better than the fight.”

“When you get in and you start negotiating, and you start hearing the things that are on their side, you’ll know real quick whether we can get a deal done.”

“Who doesn’t think that Conor isn’t a global star?” White said. “I think Conor is bigger than Pacquiao (when he fought Mayweather).”

Dana White dropped the bombshell announcement on contractual agreement between the UFC and McGregor for the Mayweather superfight. mandatory credit: John David Mercer USA Today Sports

Everyone Is Talking

“You can say it’s not a fight or whatever, but it’s all anybody wants to talk about,” White said. “Everywhere I go, everything I do, that’s all they want to talk about. … People can say it’s ridiculous, it’s not a fight, it should never happen, it’s lopsided, it will be this and that. It is all anybody ever wants to talk about.”

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