If you have yet to see this video, we proudly bring to you this epic 15 second slow-mo clip that will make your day. That’s why you should never sleep on boxing because of crazy things like this.

Last Saturday night, May 20, at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, top super middleweight contender Andre Dirrell (26-2, 16  KO’s) took on Venezuelan slugger Jose Uzcategui (26-2, 22 KO’s) in a battle for the interim IBF world super middleweight title. Dirrell won the fight via disqualification after Uzcategui landed a punch after the eighth-round bell, knocking Dirrell out.

Andre Dirrell wins a controversial DQ against Jose Uzcategui

But that anti-climatic ending was overshadowed by what ensued next. After Dirrell was out, confusion in the ring began just outside of Dirrell’s corner.

Leon Lawson, Dirrell’s uncle and one of his coaches, climbed into the ring and rushed at Uzcategui. But instead of shaking his hand, Lawson uncorked a vicious bare knuckle left hook on the unsuspecting Venezuelan.

Here it is in epic and glorious slow motion. Make sure to watch and rewatch it, it’s an absolute thing of beauty.

Woooow. What an epic sucker punch!

Chaos erupted as Prince George’s County Police swiftly moved in to keep everything under control.

Kidding aside, Lawson is now wanted by police because his whereabouts are currently unknown. Obviously, landing that sort of sick suckerpunch can be counted as assault and naturally, Lawson is wanted for questioning.

Respected boxing analyst Nigel Collins Tweeted his displeasure at what transpired inside the ring.

“Dirrell’s uncle should be arrested. Terrible cheap shot. Jose Uzcategui wasn’t even looking. That’s a cowardly move,” Collins said in a Tweet.

Dirrell however, commented on his uncle’s actions: “I’m sorry for what my coach has done. My coach is my family, my uncle, and he was worried. He cares for me. He loves me. Please forgive him.”

Team Uzcategui later filed charges against Dirrell’s uncle for first and second degree assault.

Dirrell’s brothers who were watching the fight ringside were detained by police for additional investigation into the matter. Turns out, Lawson must have been really frustrated at the outcome. But on the flipside, Dirrell showed nothing but love and respect for Uzcategui.

“All I remember honestly was him catching me with a shot probably at the same time as the bell rang because I remember hearing the bell. But after that, it’s a blurred vision but I do want to say this, I love Uzcategui and I love his camp,” said Dirrell.

Apparently, Uzcategui was ahead on two of the three judges’ scorecards and was tied on the third by the time he was disqualified. Although Uzcategui lost by disqualification, Lawson still wanted a piece of him.

Turns out Uzcategui was actually winning the fight

The scorecards read 77-75, 77-74, and 76-76 when it was all said and done. Dirrell is now the new interim WBA super middleweight champion.

“I forgive Uzcategui, I forgive his camp, I don’t want to win a championship like this,” Dirrell said. “I wanted to win fair and square. But I forgive him.”

Uzcategui felt he would have won the fight had he not have made a crucial mistake.

“I felt very good, I was hurting him the entire fight, I felt like I could hurt him anytime I wanted. Nothing he hit me with hurt me, I was throwing a three-punch combination and I didn’t hear the bell. I didn’t mean to hit him. The third punch wasn’t that hard of a punch. I was surprised he stayed down,” said Uzcategui. “He did the same thing against Abraham that he did against me tonight. He quit against me and he quit against him. I deserve to be the winner.”

The referee however, said it was a blatant foul.

“The bell rang to stop the round. The round was over and Andre  was knocked out with an illegal punch,” said referee Bill Clancy. “So therefore, Dirrell will win this fight by disqualification. That’s a blatant foul. Earlier in the fight, I had warned Uzcategui. Dirrell wins the fight, he was clearly unable to continue.”

I think a rematch should be in order.

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