Daniel Cormier has confirmed that his next fight will be last… win or lose…

You get the feeling that Daniel Cormier won’t be fully appreciated until he puts his gloves down in the centre of the octagon. The Louisiana native is a former UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion. But because of Jon Jones, he’s never truly received the respect that he deserves.

Cormier is an Olympic-class wrestler and is a master of dirty boxing. After losing his title to Stipe Miocic, he’ll be hoping to win it back in a trilogy fight. That will also effectively decide who is the greatest heavyweight in the history of the UFC. DC has commentary work to fall back on and is also a wrestling coach.

However, win-or-lose, Cormier insists that his next fight will be his last. The 40-year-old insists that he will retire no matter what happens, after his third fight with Miocic. Maybe he’ll finally get the respect that he deserves. The roster will be weaker without him.

Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Twitter.

One and Done

You can’t blame him for wanting to hang the gloves up. Cormier has dedicated his life to combat sports. The former Olympian became a professional MMA fighter and won titles in Strikeforce and the UFC. Even if he beats Miocic, he’ll still hang up his gloves. Not even a clash with Jon Jones could tempt him to continue. Meanwhile, we’d love to see him take on Francis Ngannou.

“Win or lose, I’m not fighting again,” Cormier told Ariel Helwani. “This will be the only time I ever step foot inside the Octagon again. Next one is the last one, but it has to be Stipe, no one else matters. [UFC} wants me to fight Stipe again, it was a fantastic fight.”

Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

End is Night

The end could come about much sooner than expected. Cormier hopes to fight as soon as December. If there’s the chance to headline UFC 244 in Las Vegas, then he will take it. That will be his final fight as a UFC fighter.

“If Dec. 14 becomes available, that would work for me,” he continued. “I’d be happy to get myself ready to do that. I love to compete and I don’t want to finish like this. If he’s still good enough to beat me under those terms, then it is what it is.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Good Work

Cormier also had nothing but praise for the way Miocic approached the fight. ‘DC’ was on top for most of the fight, but Stipe made the required adjustments after spotting a chink in his opponent’s armour. He landed body shot after body shot to set up a brutal finish.

“That was just great work by him,” Cormier said. “It goes to the fighting mindset and the ability of Stipe Miocic. He went hard body shot. And the one that hurt me, instead of chasing that again, he went up top.”

It was definitely a smart move by Miocic. While he’s technically not as skilled, he follows a game plan and makes adjustments at an elite pace. Oh, and he’s one tough dude as well.

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