You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do…

It’s a tough job being a UFC commentator. You’ve got to pronounce extremely complicated names like Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Zabit Magomedsharipov. Also, you have to remain diplomatic when talking about Colby Covington. Oh, and you’ve got to keep totally focused o everything that’s happening in the cage.

If you’re a colour commentator like Jon Anik or Brendan Fitzgerald it’s even tougher. These guys are in constant contact with the van outside and basically stage-manage everybody else. They also have to drop in promotions and advertisements throughout the broadcast.

So if a crowd of angry Mexicans start bombarding you with bottles, that probably won’t make your job any easier. Just ask Fitzgerald who was actually forced to hide under the commentary desk so that he could continue with his job. Now that’s dedication for you. You’ve got to love the professionalism.

Nasty Crowd

Jeremy Stephens was fighting local boy Yair Rodriguez in the main event of UFC Mexico City. Unfortunately the fight only last fifteen seconds because of an eye poke. Rodriguez accidentally grazed ‘Lil Heathen’s’ eye and the American instantly wheeled away in pain.

The hometown crowd weren’t too happy about this turn of events. They had already seen two of their local favourites fall to narrow decisions and this was a total anti-climax. But that doesn’t excuse what happened next at all. As soon as referee Herb Dean made the result official, it began to rain down bottles, beer and popcorn.

The hapless Stephens was the main target. UFC security literally had to shield him as they ran in formation out of the arena. It was a sad end to the night for the American. He had spent six weeks in Mexico preparing for this fight. As Mexico City is at a high altitude, it’s essential to adapt your body to it.


It wasn’t just Stephens who got bombarded. The sports desk was also targeted. As you can see, Brendan Fitgerald got around this by going underneath the desk. In fairness to him, he did continue broadcasting so you’ve got to respect his sense of self-preservation. He’d make a joke out of it later at the after-party.

Meanwhile, former middleweight champion Michael Bisping was also on commentary duties. He literally just stood glowering at the crowd as bottles and trash rained down upon them. It was embarrassing and you can bet that it will be a while before the UFC goes down south of the border anytime soon.

Bad Taste

Nobody wanted the fight to end this way. However, the members of the crowd who thought it was a good idea to bombard Jeremy Stephens should be ashamed of themselves. He’s one of the toughest guys on the roster and they’d never do that to his face.

Carla Esparza revealed how she had beer poured on her as she walked out to the cage before the fight. First of all, why would you waste your beer like that? Second of all, what sort of idiot pours a beverage on one of the elite athletes they’re paying to see. It’s just bemusing.

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