That brief moment of respect is now gone…

Now that UFC 210 is done and dusted, the inevitable talk of a Jon Jones rematch for Daniel Cormier has begun. Since January 2015 Jones has been stripped of the title, banned and reinstated, then banned again.

After ‘DC’ demolished Anthony Johnson last night, he questioned why people were talking about ‘Bones.’ Obviously this was expected, but then Cormier revealed he had respect for Jones as a fighter.

That notion would last only an hour or so.

Towels vs. Fouls

Before Cormier had even stepped in the octagon this weekend, the drama with Jones resurfaced. During a highly controversial weigh-in session, ‘DC’ appeared to cheat with a towel to make weight.

Jones blasted Cormier, claiming it was the ‘dirtiest thing’ in combat sports history. Cormier had already pointed out the irony in that statement, but then he went a step further after his second win over Johnson:

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Cormier Shreds Jones

Quoted by, ‘DC’ goes after Jones for his comments:

“It’s like you sit there, and you take a table, and you put a bunch of kitchen appliances,” Cormier said. “Then at the end of one side there’s a pot. Then on the other side there’s a kettle. Then that pot starts yelling, ‘You’re dirty’ while he’s sitting there with a steroid needle.

“That’s my opinion on that. You sit over there pot with your Cialis or whatever that (expletive) is called. Get over there, sit over there pot in the kitchen. Cialis boy.”

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In terms of eligibility, Jones will be able to fight this Summer. Although we all want to see this rematch happen, time will tell whether Jones can stay out of trouble long enough.

Cormier then answered questions regarding top contender Jimi Manuwa:

“He’s a tough guy, punches hard,” Cormier said. “I like his little thing, ‘One shot, one kill.’ It sounds cool. He wears sweatsuits. A guy that wears sweatsuits is pretty cool. But Jimi Manuwa can’t give me anything, man. Dude’s done. Jimi Manuwa would be lucky to get out of 10 minutes, seven minutes. I would demoralize him.”

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