Fans are blasting Anthony Johnson’s coach on social media right now…

After 11 years as a professional fighter, Anthony Johnson has decided to retire. With a 22-6 record at 33 years of age, ‘Rumble’ finished 16 opponents by knockout. During the UFC 210 main event. ‘Rumble’ just couldn’t get started.

Although older, Cormier was able to outlast Johnson on the feet and get the fight to the ground. Once they hit the mat, the outcome was pretty much inevitable. Cormier got another rear naked choke, repeating the outcome of their first fight at UFC 187.

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Johnson’s Coach

Cornering Johnson during UFC 210 was his coach Henri Hooft. Striking coach Hooft, formerly of the Blackzilians, was seemingly angry at Johnson for wrestling against Cormier. Unfortunately Hooft’s actions have led to a huge backlash from fans on social media.

Check out the transcript, courtesy of Hooft left the octagon and walked out as Johnson made his emotional retirement speech.

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Hooft: “Don’t wrestle him, this is stupid. I don’t know why he’s doing that. We have no (expletive) eyes.”

Between rounds:

Hooft: Can you tell me why you’re wrestling? Now, you’re not going to wrestle. You take your distance. Stay away, two steps away. Why are you so worried about everything? The kicks and the knees are really good, but no kicks. Where’s your hands?

As the fight is ending in round 2:

You need distance. I’m not saying nothing.

(Cormier has Johnson on the mat and is setting up a choke)

Hooft: It’s going the same as last time. (Johnson submits to Cormier via rear-naked choke)

Hooft: Why, why the (expletive) does this happen every (expletive) time, man? Crazy.

Hooft would then leave the downed fighter in octagon, as he suffered his second loss to Cormier.

These actions have led to some serious hate for Hooft on Instagram:

Hooft Bombarded By Hate Mail

Here’s how the fans reacted to Hooft on social media. Ironically Hooft’s last post was titled “success and nothing less.” Turns out this has just made fans even more irate because of ‘abandoning’ Johnson at UFC 210:

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  1. it’s called a game plan and he’s called a coach…that’s how it’s supposed to work…of course he’s pissed that his fighter abandoned the plan; don’t get mad at the architect, get mad at the contractor…

  2. Uproar for what, Johnson literally got beat again with the same move by the same dude and didn’t listen to his coach. The only one that should be mad is Johnson for not listening to his coach…

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