Number One Lightweight Contender, Dustin Poirier just went to the Joe Rogan Podcast and give his insights about a lot of things but one thing that caught the attention of many was obviously about Conor McGregor.

When asked about how he beat McGregor, most would say that it was due to his brutal calf kicks piling up the damage leading to the downfall and it is somewhat right. Although Poirier said that there was another detail missing which was his high level boxing.

This type of detail just proves even more that Poirier did not just win by luck but rather he has improved his boxing game tremendously since they last fought. Prior to these, many would have said that McGregor was winning the boxing but it just shows that Poirier had his moments as well.

Joe Rogan then asked him whether he thinks that McGregor should fight for the title next, he said that due to him coming off a loss and lack of fights he does not deserve to fight for the title. It is great for Poirier to recognize that there are other contenders that deserve more to fight for the title.

Looking back on their first encounter, he has said that Conor’s trash talk may have caused him the defeat. He thinks that his loss and Aldo’s loss were due to McGregor’s trash-talk messing up their game.

Speaking of McGregor’s trash talk, McGregor may have hinted of returning to the douchebag version of his former self. Most fans also missed this side of Conor where it sells the fight, and even gets on his opponent’s head.

Poirier also said some things about Khabib, where he may just be unbeatable. Even with his long experience in wrestling, Khabib’s wrestling is just on another level. The way he distributes his weight, foot positioning and laying traps are just what sets Khabib apart from other contenders.

He also said that he plans to fight McGregor a little bit later this year. If UFC plans to offer him early, he will still accept it but if he can choose he wants to enjoy the win a bit more before going back to training.

The full episode can be watched or listened to at JRE Podcast. The official platform used by JRE is Spotify. Click the link below if you wanna watch the full episode.



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