This is the video you’ve been hearing about, a bully picks a fight with a blind kid and gets laid out in return….

What a sad world it is at times. With all the war, famine, poverty and other horrible situations going on, you’d think that outside a school in America could be a safe place for a kid to hang out.

Even more safe for, say, a blind kid. If there’s anyone you’d expect a bully to not pick on, it’s surely someone that is unable to see?

You’d think so, but it’s not the case, example; This blind kid gets savagely beaten by some absolutely sub-human piece of garbage, until the kids friend shows up and wrecks the bully with one hit:

YouTube video

What’s perhaps even more disturbing than the bully beating on someone with absolutely no chance of competing with him, is the crowd of ignorant onlookers, and the total tool that’s standing there filming the horrible assault.

But this isn’t the end of the story.blind26n-2-web[1]

Meet Cody Pines, the hero that saved the young blind boy from his attacker. He was later suspended from the Huntington Beach school which the fight went down outside of, and also booted from the football team.

The police investigated the incident after scenes of the scrap went viral in hours. Eventually getting reinstated and not facing criminal charges for his part, Pines appeared on this chat show with the blind kid, Dustin.

Check out the heart wrenching scenes below:

YouTube video

Have you ever witnessed anything like this at your school, or do you feel someone you know is being bullied? Don’t be afraid to tell an adult or take action by calling the authorities, it could save someone’s life by you doing so.

As always, stay safe, and say no to bullying!

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