After retiring a few times in the sport, Alexander Gustafsson will attempt to make his unexpected return once more and face a rising contender, Paul Craig. It is certainly not an easy fight for Gustafsson considering Craig four fight win streak and has been active for quite a while. The fight is scheduled for September 4.

There is no question that Gustafsson is still a big name considering he was the first fighter to give Jon Jones trouble. Jones vs Gustafsson was considered by many as the greastest fight in the light-heavyweight division. It was a prime Jon Jones facing a not so well known Gustafsson. Many expected it to be a one-sided fight but it ended up one of the most exciting fights in UFC history.

It is worth noting that Gustafsson also gave huge problems against Daniel Cormier. It was a split decision loss but there is no question that during his prime, Gustafsson could held his own against the best fighters. It is unfortunate that he never got win to the title but fans know that he an elite.

MMA FIghting

In terms of stylistically, Gustafsson needs to be careful of Craig’s high level BJJ. His grappling is one of the best in the division. Although Gustafsson has the upper hand in the striking department due to his boxing. It will be an interesting match up of a striker vs grappler.

It is indeed surprising to see Gustafsson return to the Octagon despite on a 3 fight losing streak. His last fight was at heavyweight and it was against Fabricio Werdum. He had no answer to Werdum’s grappling so the question lies if he improved his grappling defense and can he stop Craig’s BJJ?

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