Simply incredible technique, luckily the guy’s jaw stayed connected to his face. It was goodnight Irene when this dude went in to beast mode…

It was a cold night in Slovenia on November 15 2013, as the professional mixed martial artists threw down at Final Fight Championship 9. The main event featured UFC and Cage Rage veteran James McSweeney, as he faced off against Stefan Traunmuller in a heavyweight bout.

This wasn’t the best finish of the evening though, as McSweeney scored an armbar submission just 35 seconds in to the bout. The most memorable but unseen moment came from Ivica Truscek in the 73 kilogram division. Using his awkward leaning style, the Croatian knockuot artist managed to pull off a technique that Mirko Cro Cop would have been proud of.


Truscek trains out of the American Top Team gym in Zagreb, Croatia, and is officially ranked the top welterweight of over 30 professionals in Croatia right now. He had a 31-24 record and goes by the nickname ‘Terror.’

The subject of today’s article was a stunning knockout that Truscek scored over Leonardo Zecchi at FFC 9. As said before, this video hasn’t gone viral or really been seen that much, perhaps because neither man involved has a wikipedia page, or maybe social media apps like Facebook still weren’t really ruling the viral video niche back then.


The brutal finish came just 18 seconds in to the first round of the fight, and send a shockwave to the fans and commentators around the arena. They can clearly be heard reacting to the painful sounds on the microphone.

The two men tasked with running the commentary couldn’t believe what they’d just saw. Check out the video!

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