UFC president Dana White is not known for his good manners on Twitter, in fact, he just about destroys everyone that talks to him on the social media platform. Here are his 5 best rants….

The UFC is a very different place from the snapshot of grim bare knuckled brawls that emerged in the early 1990’s. Now it’s a far more polished prduct, that reaches millions per event and has expanded in to the online domain too.

The Fight Pass package allows UFC fans to watch thousands of fights on the go, or just about anywhere, as the claim. So what’s with UFC president Dana White and all his Twitter rants?


In case you didn’t know, UFC president Dana White has been going pretty crazy on Twitter over the past year. Some of his highlights read like a high school bully picking on the nerds, but he can also get quite offensive at times.

Here’s the rundown of Dana White’s Top 5 Twitter Rants:


5. Cancel Fight Pass Now!

Here’s  recent one from this week, where UFC president Dana White urged an unhappy fan to cancel their monthly Fight Pass subscription:


4. Dana White vs. Ariel Helwani

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