Donald Cerrone is one of the most beloved MMA fighters in the world today. ‘Cowboy’ always takes fights at short notice and has more records on his lengthy resume than any other UFC fighter out there, past or present.

However, he blew his last shot at greatness when Conor McGregor destroyed him in January. It seems unlikely that he’ll ever get an opportunity like that again. Nobody wanted to see him lose the way he did, even if ‘The Notorious’ put on a phenomenal performance.

Meanwhile, Cerrone is preparing for his next fight against another former lightweight champion in Anthony Pettis. But McGregor is still on his mind. In sum, it’s definitely going to take him some time to get over it.

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Cerrone is the first to admit that he took a bad beating. In short, the ferocity of the beating left him rattled. Speaking to MMA Fighting, he revealed that he’s still hurting emotionally after it.

“My brain was definitely rattled from the ass-whooping I took in 40 seconds,” he said on Tuesday. “But I feel good. My eye healed up enough. My heart is still hurt, but that’s what makes it a man’s sport. We go in there and figure it out.”

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Now he’s back in familiar territory. It’s a quick match-up against another man on the decline. Pettis will be desperate to get a win against ‘Cowboy.’ His career has spiraled since dropping the title. Cerrone says he just wants to keep going.

“That’s the only thing you can do is to suck it up and keep moving,” he said. “I can’t dwell on that. Can’t sit and worry about all that. I had my moment, I let it go. But at the end of the day, I got in there and did it. I stood with one of the best and I’m proud.

“I’m proud of what I’ve become in the sport. I’m proud as a father. It’s what I do. I give people hope and I keep fighting. That’s how we do it.”

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Winning is the biggest motivator. In sum, that’s why Cerrone wants to fight, even in times like these. He says that he feels in good shape and ready for whatever crosses his path.

“Losing sucks, I don’t care who you are,” Cerrone explained. “So it’s absolutely something I want to get back. Looking forward to this fight. This is my wheelhouse. Taking fights on short notice, when no else is prepared and mentally I’m the strongest. I feel good. I feel hungry. Ready to go out there and do it.”

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