Eddie Alvarez activates social media beast mode and unloads on Nate Diaz. The former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion pulled no punches in his latest message to Diaz…

Nate Diaz is quite the curious character. Prior to his duo of fights with Conor McGregor in 2016, Diaz indeed had a cult following but was far from the superstar he’s since grown to be.

His stunning victory over McGregor at UFC 196 saw Diaz catapulted into the limelight, but to the hardcore fan, he was already a mainstay. It’s also strange how things panned out between McGregor and Eddie Alvarez.

Providing a perfect example of why ‘MMA Math’ doesn’t work, McGregor walked through Alvarez at UFC 205. Against Diaz, who had 10 losses on his record when they fought, submitted ‘The Notorious’ and gave his the toughest fight of his life in the rematch.

Alvarez, widely considered the best lightweight outside the UFC before signing, and then the best in the UFC when he won the belt, looked like a child against McGregor.

Alvarez vs. Diaz?!?

Since his couple of war with McGregor, Diaz has been on leave from his fighting career. That ended this week, as the 209 bad boy announced his return for somewhere around May/June, while putting the lightweight division on blast.

Alvarez initially answered the call by straight up offering to fight Diaz in his comeback. Since then, it seems ‘The Silent Assassin’ has changed his tune slightly. Now he’s calling out Diaz with one of the greatest Tweets you’ll ever read:


Anytime the word ‘dork’ is used is alright with us. Alvarez most recently won the title of ‘UFC’s most violent’ by finishing Justin Gaethje by TKO. A fight with Diaz does seem to be a good pairing.

Similarly to Diaz, Alvarez no longer sees the merit of UFC titles. Perhaps driven by the cartoonish way the promotion is headed nowadays, Alvarez recently told MMA Fighting he’s happy with the title he won against Gaethje:

Credit: Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

“I want the best fights, I want them to be violent, and I want the fans to be jumping and screaming the same way they were on Dec. 2 in Detroit,” Alvarez said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “That felt good to me, so I want to continue to feel good about the fights that I’m in.”

“I can’t, we can’t make Conor get back in there, he’s going to ask for certain [things], it’s gonna take awhile for that guy to defend that. Tony is waiting for Conor. Tony is going to sit, he’s gonna wait for that Conor fight and try to get that big payday.”

“Right now, sh*t just isn’t defined with the title,” Alvarez said. “And to be honest, there’s not a lot of value in it. What value is in it? There’s an interim guy who beat the No. 7 guy to become the champion. That’s not a champion. You can’t bring the No. 7 ranked guy in and then put him against the No 1 contender and he beats him and says now you’re the champion. That’s silly in any organization, any sport, anything. So the champion isn’t defending. So now the value of the belt loses its value. So for me I’m like, let’s make another belt, whoever is the Most Violent. We can make up whatever belts we want.”

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