Will This Lawsuit Be Dismissed?

The lawsuit is scheduled for a case-management meeting in February, unless it is dismissed or settled before then. If the courts decide that there is enough merit for the lawsuit to move forward it could mean Jon Jones would be deposed and forced to answer questions regarding what substances he ingested leading up to the fight.

If Jon Jones was to claim he had never knowingly taken steroids leading up to UFC 200, and it is later revealed that he did, then Jones could end up facing serious charges of perjury.096_Lyoto_Machida_vs_Jon_Jones.0

The likelihood of this lawsuit moving forward is pretty limited. If these types of lawsuits were possible we would have heard a lot more about them before now.

The best hope the lawsuit has is if Jones admits to ingesting but not disclosing some substances at his upcoming athletic commission hearing. Doing so might be an admission of negligence that could cause the lawsuit to move forward, although if it looks like that is going to happen the two sides would most likely look to settle.


News of the lawsuit may dampen Jones’ good feelings as of late, as rumours continue to circulate that Jones will receive little if any punishment from the commission.

Jon Jones failed the USADA test for both Hydroxy-clomiphene and Letrozole, which are substances that USADA has identified as carrying a greater likelihood of having a “non-doping explanation” for a positive test result.

As a result of this, punishment for testing positive for these drugs can be as little as a public warning, and up to a maximum of a 1-year suspension.

Regardless of this lawsuit or his failed drug tests, we could be seeing Jon Jones in the octagon sooner rather than later.

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