4. Lesnar Surgically Reconstructed Stomach

Hunt’s power leads us into the second reason why he will beat Brock Lesnar (in the 1st round via KO): Lesnar cannot take a punch.

It’s not just Lesnar’s chin that is in question however, it’s also his ability to withstand body blows.  Lesnar’s bout with diverticulitis required the surgical reconstruction of his abdomen area, which the doctors might have well left a giant bullseye mark on.

Remember “Mike Tyson’s Punchout”? Remember King Hippo? King Hippo was a character on the game who would panic and become stunned immediately after taking one shot to the stomach.  Think of Lesnar as King Hippo.

Inside Lesnar’s stomach is scar tissue and stitches, and his unwillingness to take shots to this region is quite evident in his fight against Alistair Overeem.  After taking body blows to his abdomen Lesnar covers up and looks genuinely frightened of what might come next.

While much time has passed since that fight, Lesnar’s stomach is still damaged tissue and it provides a vulnerable spot for Hunt to take advantage of.


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