The ultimate payback…

Professional fighting is quite unique in many ways. There’s been worldwide attraction to unarmed combat nearly as far back as man has existed on this planet. Only in the last century has it become a household commodity though.

The modern fight game is far different than the blood and sand of the Roman Colosseum or the Greek wrestling pits. No longer is it only about the strongest, fastest or smartest combatant prog themselves against their opponent. Sport fighting today is all about the rivalries.


Money makes the world go round, and that statement rings true  the combat sports genre. What makes money for huge organizations like the UFC or pro boxing for example? Rivalries such as UFC featherweight champion Conor Mcregor and the former champ Jose Aldo.

Mixed martial arts is where you’ll see the most exciting feuds now days, but there are many other sports that can provide highly satisfying rivalries. One that gets looked over a lot is kickboxing.


This is Badr Hari. The more casual combat sports fans may not know of him, but the more hardcore followers will know he’s recognized as the ‘bad boy’ of K-1 kickboxing. What links him to today’s topic is the rivalry he shared with a fellow fighting legend that led to an epic chain of events and knockouts.

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