Mixed martial arts is more fun when Brock Lesnar is involved.  When Lesnar first came into the UFC he brought a whole lot of pro-wrestling fans with him, and a lot of those fans stayed.  But Lesnar’s presence as a genetic freak of nature (even if he is “juiced to the gills” as Hunt claims) also ropes in the casual MMA fan, increases PPV buys and allows the sport to grow.

The problem is that Brock Lesnar is not very good at mixed martial arts.

UFC Fight Night: Hunt v Bigfoot

It would be great if Lesnar can beat Hunt, and it would be even better if after winning he decided to stay in the UFC and fight some more.  It’s not going to happen though.  No matter what many of us want to happen, no matter what many people convince themselves could happen, and no matter what is best for MMA in general, Brock Lesnar is not going to beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

The only realistic outcome in the Lesnar vs. Hunt fight at UFC 200 is that Mark Hunt tags Lesnar early in the 1st round, before Lesnar can take him down, and sends Lesnar back to the WWE with greatly depreciated value.

Here are the top five reasons why Mark Hunt will eat Brock Lesnar’s soul at UFC 200.


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