Raw Video: Insane Texas Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

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We’ve seen some seriously nuts viral videos lately, but the subject of today’s article is a crazy Houston, Texas brawl caught on film that’s going viral as we speak. Road rage is the cause of this insane fight that broke out as onlookers broke out their mobile phones to film the action.

What is road rage? It’s simple to explain really, the human brain can only deal with so many tasks at once. When concentrating on driving, the average human is using around mostĀ of their current brain functions to maintain concentration and hazard awareness when behind the wheel.


When so many functions of the brain are essentially working on auto pilot, when confronted with an issue that’s perceived to be the fault of someone else, like say a road rage incident, more primal brain functions take over.

What did ancient man used to fill his time doing? Fighting and f*cking is the answer, and it’s not often you’ll see anything but the former when talking about road rage brawls.

So to the subject of this article.


This road rage brawl you are about to watch started with a simple traffic light queue, but ended with one of the craziest fights you’ll ever see, and a classic moment that’s already being transformed in to countless memes and gifs.

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