Video: Fighter Faceplants After Nasty Head Kick

“Marat Grigorian just put Djime in airplane mode”

GLORY Kickboxing has been able to produce some of the best knockouts in the past 2 years. The now infamous Raymond Daniels two-touch knockout has been the most impressive so far, being labeled the Knockout of the Century. This past weekend we were treated to what may be the best kickboxing knockout of 2016.

Djime faces off with Grigorian

24 year old Marat Grigorian of Belgium took on a French kickboxer by the name of Djime at GLORY 30 in Los Angeles, California. Grigorian became the 2015 K1 World Grand Prix Champion by knocking out all 3 of his opponents on the same night.

GLORY recaps another high quality kickboxing event. The GLORY 30 card featured the top pound for pound Thai Boxer in North America, Simon Marcus(also known as Simon Sor Suchart). Marcus successfully defended his GLORY Middleweight Championship, defeating Dustin Jacoby by unanimous decision.

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