Nick Diaz Doesn’t Seem Too Bothered By His Legal Problems… Video Footage of the UFC Star Taking Shrooms Has Been Released… 

Another day, another crazy Nick Diaz story. The man just does not care what anyone thinks about him. Last week wasn’t exactly the greatest for the California native, as he dealt with allegations of domestic violence, and spent the night in a Las Vegas cell.

The Stockton based fighter and older brother of Nate haven’t fought for the UFC since 2014. That doesn’t stop him making an impression outside of the octagon. The veteran is one of the most popular figures in MMA and fans will be hoping that there is no truth to the domestic violence story.

Diaz doesn’t seem to be fazed by it all anyway. If there’s one thing he loves more than his baby brother, it’s using recreational drugs. He’s probably ingested a garden of weed throughout his lifetime, and now he’s released footage of him ingesting some shrooms. Watch the video footage below from Twitter.

No Shame

One of the most endearing things about the Diaz brothers is the sheer lack of inhibition they have. They really don’t care what you think about them. There are three ways to do everything: the right way, the wrong way, and the Diaz way. The Diaz way is to usually get very high.

In the video, Diaz is seen with Justin Golightly, who works in MMA social media. He very casually ingests a shroom, without batting an eyelid. It’s unknown where the guys are. If they’re in their native California then it’s still illegal, but could potentially be decriminalized in 2018. The caption of the video says:

“Nick Diaz in Hunter S. Thompson Glasses Eating Shrooms.”

Bad Timing

Maybe this wasn’t the best time for Diaz to upload another video of his crazy antics. He’s actually due in court again today, June 6. Consuming illegal drugs on camera – the day before you face trial – isn’t exactly the best way to get judge and jury on your side. Unless he’s planning on being in a mushroom haze the whole through the next couple of days.

It could be a genius ploy, but let’s not forget that he’s facing serious charges that include domestic battery and domestic assault. It’s alleged that he choked his female victim and that she had marks on her body in the places he allegedly assaulted her. He also allegedly was high on cocaine. We have to keep saying allegedly so we don’t get sued, folks. Sorry. Allegedly.


Up to this point, all the rumors were that both Nate and Nick Diaz were looking towards a 2018 return. Nick was being heavily linked to a fight against Michael Bisping. However, the British fighter officially retired from the sport last week so that’s definitely not happening.

Meanwhile, Nate could be fighting Conor McGregor and finishing their trilogy – if McGregor can get past his legal woes on June 14. All these guys are ridiculous and clearly need to find a hobby outside of fight camp. Knitting or something. Sort it out.

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