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Colby Covington is Already Despised by Brazilian MMA Fans… Now He Has Started on the City of Chicago…

You know things are getting serious when a fighter is moved from one country to another because one of the two fighters involved is receiving death threats. That’s the situation Colby Covington has found himself in, after basically causing the entire nation of Brazil to hate him. Does he care? Not one bit.

Love him or hate him – most people fall into the second category – Covington is on an upward trajectory. He’s literally talked himself into an interim title shot à la Conor McGregor and is set to fight Rafael Dos Anjos this weekend. If he wins that, an undisputed title fight against Tyron Woodley should be next.

The Californian believes that the UFC is only just starting to appreciate his worth, and thinks that he is the supervillain of the promotion. ‘Chaos’ spoke to MMA Weekly and explained why he is ‘good for business.’

Rising Star

As far as ‘Chaos’ is concerned, he’s the biggest rising star in the welterweight division. Darren Till might disagree with that, but there’s little doubt that he’s up there. However, are you really a star if fans are just watching in the hope that you’ll get battered?

“I’m good for business. I’m the super villain of this division. I’m the supervillain of the whole entire UFC,” Covington said. “They’re starting to realize my worth. I’m the most notable fighter right now. Everybody wants to watch me. Whether they want to see me lose or win, it’s all the same f–king thing.”

Is it though? The danger is that if Covington loses to Dos Anjos this weekend – and the Brazilian has looked incredible since his move up a weight – that everything he said will just be thrown back in his face and he’ll fall back down the pile. That’s a major risk. No one will care.


Covington also took the opportunity to trash Chicago. It seems like every place that he fights is destined to hate him, so don’t be too surprised. After referring to Brazilians as ‘filthy animals,’ the fight was moved to the ‘Windy City’ for his own safety. He said:

“He’s got no chance and the whole world is going to find out who is the greatest welterweight of all time and that’s Colby “Chaos” Covington. I can’t wait to go take over Chicago. The Bulls, they’ve been sucking lately and the Bears, that team is trash so they’re going to get a championship caliber fighter when I come to the city.”

Ok, that was pretty mild by Covington’s standards. Expect him to escalate as the week goes on.

Death Threats

The searing hatred felt towards Covington by Brazilian MMA fans is one hundred percent genuine. Rafael Dos Anjos has revealed that fans have been approaching him with the same request over and over. He said:

“A lot of Brazilians, everything that I post, when I meet Brazilians, they all say the same thing: ‘You’ve got to kill this guy. You’ve got to kill this guy.'”

That’s pretty intense, but it’s the real situation that Covington has found himself in. Maybe cross Rio de Janeiro off your holiday list, Colby. Now and forever. The pair fight in Chicago’s United Center, at UFC 225. Unless Joe Rogan knocks Covington out first.

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