Khabib Nurmagamedov’s Manager Releases Update on Negotiations With Conor McGregor and Georges St. Pierre… Don’t Get Excited Just Yet…

On paper, it’s the fight that makes sense. If you’re a professional fighter, and you throw a dolly through the window of a bus, at another professional fighter, you’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that these two guys are going to fight. Any potential match-up between Khabib Nurmagamedov and Conor McGregor sells itself.

The Russian fighter is not interested in blowing up McGregor’s already massive ego. He wants Georges St. Pierre instead, with legacy being the main focus on his mind. Last week the sensational news broke that the UFC was planning an unofficial mini-tournament involving Nurmgamedov, St. Pierre, McGregor and Nate Diaz. Not happening guys.

The biggest obstacle is that the UFC wants McGregor to fight Nurmagamedov and Diaz to fight Georges St. Pierre. However, now Diaz and McGregor want to finish their trilogy and ‘The Eagle’ is making no secret that he wants to defend his title against Canadian legend St. Pierre. Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz has responded to the media.

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‘Legacy’ is a word we’ve heard thrown about a lot recently. This idea that you want people to remember who you were when you’re finished with the sport has been talked about by a lot of fighters recently. It’s the reason why Conor McGregor probably won’t get a fight against Khabib straight away – if the Russian has his way.

“Khabib wants to fight for legacy and not for a soap opera drama show, and we think Conor doesn’t deserve this opportunity,” Ali Abdelaziz told MMA Fighting. “The guy hasn’t fought in almost two years. Why does he deserve to fight for the title? He should get his ass back in the line and work his way up.”

That is a very fair point and a lot of people would agree with him. Does Conor McGregor deserve a title shot after two years out of action? No, not at all. But let’s not forget: Georges St. Pierre got a title shot after four years out of action, in a division he’d never fought in before. At least McGregor has a history in the division.

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Door Open

While a fight against St. Pierre is their preference, Khabib is happy to leave the door open to McGregor – because he wants to put a massive hole in his ego. The beef between McGregor and Nurmagamedov is real. The Irishman didn’t just spend a night in a Brooklyn jail cell for the fun of it. Abdelaziz explained:

“There’s only one reason Khabib wants to fight him: to make him pay for what he did. For Khabib, it’s not only about money. It’s about disciplining him. That being said, UFC should be talking to Georges, not Conor.”

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Money Talks

There is also one more reason why fighters want match-ups with Conor McGregor. It sets them up for life. Nate Diaz has earned more from his two fights with the Irishman than he did in his previous professional career. Can Nurmagamedov really afford to turn down a ‘red panty night’ if it’s offered to him?

Another potential problem, is what if none of these guys are available by October? Khabib has signaled his intention to return around this time. Seriously, don’t be surprised if his next opponent is someone a lot less glamorous, like the winner of Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. Or even Max Holloway. A lot can change very quickly.

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