Like we’ve said many times on Scrap Digest, Joe Rogan isn’t just a UFC broadcaster and reality TV show host, he’s also a legit martial artist who can seriously beat the crap out of guys with his various fighting skills.

Before he was with the UFC, Rogan was the host of Fear Factor. Everyone remembers Fear Factor, right?


Don’t Mess With Joe Rogan

Let’s go back to a time when Rogan had to use his fighting skills because some imbecile tried to come at him without knowing what Rogan does to fake tough guys.

In one of the episodes of Fear Factor, a couple pairing comes back from a challenge that they seemingly failed, blaming one of the other contestants for heckling (that other contestant is Jonny Fairplay by the way of Survivor fame, who is notorious for getting under people’s skin).

The blonde girl, Victoria, goes up to Jonny and punches him in the gut. It’s at this time that Rogan comes to the rescue.


This Dude Knows How to Fight

“Hey! What are you doing? What are you doing? You can’t assault people,” said Rogan in disapproval of Victoria’s actions. “It’s called strategy, he’s trying to distract you. You can’t run up to him and hit him.”

“I mean if you and your husband hit each other, that’s one thing. You don’t run up and hit other contestants,” Rogan added.

Victoria’s husband then comes to her aid and starts yelling at Rogan.

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