Well if he was going to stomp anyone out…

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson experienced fame and success from a very young age, but it did not come without a price. Having won the world championship at just 20 years of age, ‘Iron Mike’ was tabbed for a bright future from that point onward.

He beat Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Frank Bruno, Michael Spinks and many others during his best years, but troubles were never far away for Tyson. After climbing from the slums as a boy to reach such withering heights, ‘Kid Dynamite’ would soon land himself on hard times.

Cus D’Amato and Mike Tyson, a dream team of master coach and raw power…
His adopted father and boxing mentor Cus D’Amato passed away in 1985, and it wasn’t long after that before ‘Iron Mike’ began  getting out of control again. Hooking up with all the wrong people and even getting in street fights with former opponents, Tyson was headed in the wrong direction.

Hooking up with the notoriously crooked Don King was also an ill fated decision for the New York knockout artist. King once beat a an to death for 20 dollars, and was known for being greasy and underhanded in the boxing business.

Mike Tyson with notorious scumbag Don King…
We’ve checked out a number of crazy stories involving Mike Tyson in the past few weeks, and today’s is just as wild. It’s no secret that is no longer a friend of Don King, but did you know about the time a private jet flight with coke and weed led to Tyson bashing King?

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