UFC just posted in their official Instagram account on who had the best performance among three big UFC stars. Namely Max Holloway’s dominant performance against Calvin Kattar, Dustin Poirier’s KO against Conor McGregor, and Michael Chandler’s impressive UFC debut.

So let us rank them based on their performance, keep in mind that all fighters had fought in an impressive fashion and no one could ask for more given their performance inside the Octagon.

3. Michael Chandler KOs Dan Hooker
Chandler may have had the best UFC debut in quite a while, some people usually have a difficult time in their debut due to being under the pressure but not Chandler. He even excels under pressure. Hooker had the physical advantage coming to fight, he used his range and fought outside.

Hooker chose to fight outside, and was having small success in the early minutes. Even Henry “Triple C” Cejudo gave credit to Chandler’s performance that he took a risk in landing the bomb against Hooker which paid dividends. Chandler is looking to become a top lightweight contender, a heavy puncher with great wrestling is difficult task to beat.

2. Dustin Poirier Knocks Out Conor McGregor in the second
Perhaps if we base this on who had the best win, then Poirier might top the list. He gave Conor McGregor his first knock out loss and did it in an impressive fashion. The way he did it also showed high fight IQ. He was more composed compared to the first fight, and he even got clipped but still remained calm.

The first round he chose to take down McGregor which was successful and then he combined it with leg kicks to mix it up. Little did we know that the leg kicks were his key to victory. He just chopped the legs of McGregor, rendering his mobility. Once he got McGregor in trouble, the finish was easy for him since McGregor could not move that much.

1. Max Holloway’s Boxing Clinic against Calvin Kattar
Holloway’s performance against Kattar was one of the worst beatdowns in UFC history. Holloway landed a record breaking shots and broke his previous records. No other fighter could do what Holloway did during that night. His volume and pressure might be the best, he does not get tired in the later rounds but gets even better.

What made it even more impressive was that the media were saying that Kattar has the one of the best boxing in the UFC. So Holloway chose to prove them wrong and beat Kattar in his own game. He outboxed and even demolished Kattar. Dana White even feared for Kattar’s situation, shows how brutal the beating Holloway gave.

One other thing was Holloway was coming off a back to back loss, but still showed his best performance to date. He even talked with the commentator during a fight, shouting “I’m the best boxer in the UFC!” while dodging the punches of Kattar.

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