After some rumors of many potential opponents, Jake Paul has finally signed a deal against Ben Askren. He called out a lot of fighters, celebrities and even Youtubers for a potential fight. Paul wanted Conor McGregor of all fighters but Mcgregor was just not interested in fighting him.

Ben Askren is not known to a decent striker, but his wrestling is one of the best in the game. He has one of the best resumes in college wrestling, but unfortunately he cannot use it in his fight against Jake Paul.

Jake Paul has had three boxing fights, one amateur and two professional. Although he has not fought a pro combat athlete, Ben Askren will be his first. He will still likely the favorite given it is in his own ground of rules and already has experience in the boxing game. He became trending after landing a devastating knockout against Nate Robinson.

Ben Askren also retired from the MMA, after suffering two back to back brutal loses against Jorge Masvidal and Demian Maia. Prior to joining the UFC, he had a lot of hype going on because he was an undefeated champion in two organizations, Bellator and ONE FC. Sadly, due to hip replacement, he was forced to retire from the MMA game.

The only thing that made Askren return is likely the huge offer from Paul’s team. It is only a one fight deal but it will be likely a bigger than his usual MMA fight purse. It is still a big risk of getting beat by a Youtuber in front of millions. Although he has been seen getting knocked out against Jorge Masvidal, where it became the fastest knockout in UFC history.

The MMA community are obviously rooting for Askren to win, as if he loses some casuals will make fun of the sport. In the sport’s defense, Askren’s level of striking is below decent. He usually relies on his high-level grappling ability to win against tough opponents. Once he gets a hold of his opponent, it is very difficult to get out of it.

Another possible opponent was Dillon Danis and there was bad blood between them. It could have sold better if he was the opponent but the deal was not made, so they went for Ben Askren instead.

Michael Bisping also joined the action as he went on to insult all three of them in fighting in the boxing ring.

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