It hasn’t been a good year for mixed martial artist deaths.  This year we’ve lost household names such as Kevin Randleman and Kimbo Slice, but at least the two of them were in their 40s when they died; the 7 fighters on this list all died before then.

A few omissions in this list include Shawn Tompkins, a renowned striking coach who died at just 37, Jordan Parsons (the Bellator fighter killed in a hit and run recently) and Joao Carvalho (the fighter killed in April on a show in Ireland).  We’re limiting this list to just guys who competed in the UFC.

Just days ago UFC veteran Amar Suloev passed away at the age of 40 due to stomach cancer. He was 0-2 in the UFC and 24-7 lifetime.

Here are seven UFC fighters who died before they hit 40…

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