2. Charles Oliveira

Very few fighters go with a strategy of attempting to tear their opponent’s esophagus, but it was a winning approach for Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Oliveria in July of 2015. The fight was held in Saskatchewan, Brock Lesnar’s new home province.

Lesnar suffered his first bout with diverticulitis there and was very critical of their health care system.  Luckily for Oliveira, they seemed to do a better job patching him up than they did Lesnar.

A minute and a half into his main event fight with Max Holloway, Oliveira went down and signalled he was done. Nobody really knew what was happening but further testing would reveal tears in his esophagus, which are rare but can be fatal if they allow fluid to leak into the lungs.

Oliveira was back fighting in four months however, defeating Myles Jury in his first fight back.

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