At UFC 100 Dan Henderson defeated Michael Bisping with one of the most conclusive finishes to a fight in UFC history. Now at UFC 204 they will meet again, this time with the UFC Middleweight Championship on the line. Since Hendo will be retiring afterwards, this fight represents an opportunity for him to end his career as a champion.

Whether you agree with the UFC’s decision to award Henderson a title shot or not, you have to admit that Henderson vs. Bisping 2 is a fight that has a lot of intrigue. Jacare Souza might not be too enthused about this fight, but lots of other people are really looking forward to it.

The result at UFC 204 will be decidedly different from UFC 100 however, this time it will be Michael Bisping who knocks Hendo out.

Here are 5 reasons why that is what will go down on October 8th in Manchester…

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