4. Cal Worsham

Very few fighters have come as close to dying in the cage as Cal Worsham has, but the awesome part of his story is that he won the fight!

Worsham is shown above being inducted into a regional MMA promotion’s Hall of Fame.

The injury in question took place in Worsham’s second ever fight which just so happened to be on UFC 9, the event that almost didn’t happen as Senator John McCain tried relentlessly to have it shut down.

McCain you see, was not happy with the level of violence in the UFC. Just to prove the Senator correct, Worsham’s opponent, Zane Frazier, delivered a knee to the mid-section so devastating that it broke Worsham’s ribs, collapsed a lung and damaged his heart.

Like a true savage not only did he keep fighting, he knocked Frazier out in just over 3 minutes. He then collapsed backstage and was taken to hospital.

How do you feel if you are Frazier though? You knee a guy in the body so badly that it almost kills the guy and you still lose the fight.

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