Letting It Marinate

Just because McGregor-Diaz won’t happen yet, doesn’t mean it never will.

The rematch between McGregor and Diaz pulled in a crowd of 15,539, which produced a gate of $7,692,010. The gate revenue was the fifth highest in UFC history.

Meanwhile, UFC 202 became the company’s highest-selling event of all-time with approximately 1.65 million buys in PPV.

As a reward, McGregor pocketed $3-million for his appearance on the blockbuster card, which is the highest-guaranteed paycheck for any fighter in the UFC.

On the other hand, Diaz received $2-million for the welterweight rematch versus McGregor.

It appears that the UFC has “the longer the wait, the better” mentality as the build-up could produce increased numbers.

A one-year difference from the rematch will sustain the hype within MMA fans that are craving to see both men go at it once more.

Making fans enthusiastic to open their wallets for the rubber match will also allow the UFC to satiate McGregor’s hunger for money.

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