Francis Ngannou has the POTENTIAL to become a MEGASTAR like TYSON

The new heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou has all the materials to become the next UFC superstar. He has the same aura that Mike Tyson had during his prime where his fights almost guarantees a knockout. Not only is he gifted with power, he also has a background story that where he came from doing hard labor in sand-mining to becoming the Baddest man on the planet.

What made it even more impressive is that unlike other elite fighters where they had a martial art background in wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and other sport, Francis Ngannou just started training just a few years ago.

In terms of marketability, Ngannou has it all. He has a 100% finish rate so far in his MMA run and pretty much puts his opponent to sleep. Tyson and Ngannou has that same aura where they put their opponents in fear. Not all opponents are intimidated, but still there is no question that no one wants to get hit by his punches.

Francis Ngannou decimated Alistair Overeem at UFC 218…

There is a reason why Mike Tyson is a house hold name even today, given that his prime run lasted short. During Tyson’s prime, most of his opponents lose the fight even before they stepped inside the ring.

During Ngannou’s rise, The UFC really pushed Ngannou to become a champion because they know that Ngannou is even more marketable compared to the greatest heavyweight champion. Although it is sad to see Miocic lose the throne but there is no better guy that won the title than Ngannou.

Ngannou also showed that he can still improve his game, and that might be scary for the heavyweight division. No fighter would be willing to trade shots against Ngannou so they choose to wrestle him but then Ngannou improved his takedown defense tremendously.

If the Ngannou-Jones fight happens, we might see the winner become the next mega-star of the UFC. Obviously, there are still a lot of stars in the organization like Adesanya, Masvidal, and a lot more but if Ngannou somehow beats an all-time great, he would be feared even more and his stocks would skyrocket.

Ngannou right now, owns the title of being the baddest man on the planet and the scariest man on the planet which not all fighters can get. During Miocic’s reign, he was already the scariest man but when he won the title he became even scarier.

Will Jones be able to handle Ngannou and continue his legacy as one of the greatest of all time or will Ngannou’s power be too much Jon Jones. This is the fight to make but unfortunately there are still issues that is delaying the fight from happening. Hopefully all parties will come to an agreement soon.

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