Totally natural, bro....
Totally natural, bro….

Gabi Garcia has challenged literally anyone to fight her. She says she’ll fight any man or woman, stating that nobody is currently willing to fight her.

Watch this video that has MMA fans going nuts. It shows Garcia hitting the pads with UFC veteran Renato Babalu Sobral.

YouTube video

So just head to the website and register your name, I’m sure you will!

What else does the MMA world have to offer in terms of rising female stars? Well, does the name Aleksandra Albu mean anything to you?


This stunning vixen is currently competing for the UFC. Although she hasn’t fought since her promotional debut in 2015, she is very keenly watched. Perhaps she’s thenext ‘cash cow’ for the UFC to ride to the top?

If this following video of Aleksandra ‘Stitch’ Albu is anything to go by, sh has a very bright future in MMA.

You can watch the video on the player below.

[flowplayer id=”3693″]

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