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One of the greatest if not the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time, George St Pierre has a new statue on his own hometown. It is a great tribute to the former UFC Champion, since he was at one point the biggest name in Canada.

GSP having a country behind him, made him a massive star. He was one of the most dominant fighters ever, probably only behind Khabib. During his run, GSP was usually the crowd favorite. Canada has one of the best crowds and GSP has that charisma to influence the fans in attendance with just his presence.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Jon Jones

For those not aware, during GSP’s run, the welterweight division was considered the hardest division mainly because of the talent and big names in the division. To dominate all the fighters in the hardest division speaks for GSP’s GOAT status. He may have lost twice in his career but he has his own argument as well.

Most would say Jon Jones would be the GOAT mainly because he hasn’t lost a fight and many title defense but Jones failed numerous drug test while GSP hasn’t. Some would say Khabib but if we compare title defenses, it is not even close. Anderson Silva and Demetrious Johnson are also GOAT worthy contenders but GSP was a two division champion.

Georges St-Pierre choked Michael Bisping out cold to win the UFC middleweight title…

The point is many are saying either Jones or Khabib is the GOAT but people should not forget the fighter from Montreal. He had a massive run, even went back to fight Michael Bisping after 4 years out of the ring and won.

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