Georges St. Pierre Reveals Why He Really Left The UFC

Georges St. Pierre reveals what led to him leaving the UFC in 2013…

Georges St. Pierre took a break from training recently to sit down with the New York Post. The longtime welterweight champion talked openly about why he left the UFC in 2013, and what had to change for him to return in 2017.

GSP took a sabbatical from the sport following his victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. That night was memorable for many reasons, one of which was GSP’s statement after the fight that he would be taking a leave of absence from the sport. A furious Dana White bashed GSP at the post-fight presser, stating the controversial judge’s decision in the bout warranted a rematch. Considering what led up to the bout with Hendricks, however, it is easy to see why GSP disagrees.

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Georges. St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks

Leading up to Hendricks vs St Pierre at UFC 167, GSP offered to pay for advanced drug testing for both fighters. Hendricks would originally agree to the testing, but his initial reaction turned out to be insincere.

He insisted on being tested at a different lab with less stringent testing. It became clear that Hendricks was not interested in advanced drug testing, no matter who was paying for it.

Did Johny Hendricks get cheated by the judges? Or was Hendricks the one gaming the system that night? Certainly, his record post-USADA is evidence the latter is accurate than the former.

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Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping

Dana White, the UFC, and GSP announced that St. Pierre would be returning to the promotion for a bout with Michael Bisping back in March. Unfortunately, an eye injury prevented GSP from fighting this summer, but the bout was rebooked for UFC 217.

Should Bisping defeat him, GSP has made it clear he will retire.

“If I ever lose, I’m retired, it’s finished for me. I’m one fight away from retirement,” St-Pierre said. “I don’t plan on losing but if I do, it’s finished.”

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GSP Reveals Why He Left the UFC in 2013

Recently, GSP sat down with reporters and explained why he left the sport in 2013.

“When I left it was not because of damage [to my body], it was more anxiety, nervousness, I couldn’t sleep well. I kept thinking, it was claustrophobic, just too much pressure,”

“When you’re champion, you feel you’re the centre of the world. Even though you’re not, it’s an illusion, because of the pressure, and it’s a pressure that is different than other sport because it’s a surviving pressure, your life is threatened in the real, real deepest way … You can die.”

When asked why he was returning to the sport, GSP didn’t mince words, pointing out the new USADA program has played a pivotal role.

“It’s a different set of rules now, I was fighting against a whole system back in the day,” St-Pierre said. “I was very outspoken about the drug problem that we had, people made fun of me, ‘ahhh, he’s a paranoid guy, he says that as a way to go and retire.’ But look what happened now … a lot of the UFC champions have fall to the performance enhancing drugs, getting caught.”

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