Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor Is The Superfight We Should Be Discussing

Following the HUGE news of Georges St-Pierre’s comeback, one thing is clear…

Earlier today, the blockbuster news that Georges St-Pierre is coming finally emerged. Unlike the previous stream of rumours, this news was solid. Coming to terms with the UFC, ‘GSP’ has now signed a multi-fight deal.

With the talk about a lack of superstars in the active UFC roster more frequent than ever, this news is undoubtedly huge. Given the current state of affairs in the UFC, St-Pierre’s comeback raises some interesting points.

GSP is Back

Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre’s comeback comes when the UFC’s biggest current star Conor McGregor is absent. Taking a defiant stance against the promotion, McGregor is looking at boxing Floyd Mayweather in his next bout.

Considering how the UFC is all about ‘money fights’ right now, you’d think they will be working overtime for GSP vs. McG. There are pros and cons to this fight in many respects, but what other options lie out there for St-Pierre. Well, quite a few, but none as attractive as the McGregor fight.

McGregor Needs to Drop The Boxing Idea, Kinda

Although McGregor’s stance against the UFC is good for the sport in many ways, he could also use GSP’s return as leverage. Facing the ex-welterweight king would shatter all pay-per-view records, period. That’s quite a bargaining chip to hold.

The fans would love this fight, and perhaps with St-Pierre’s ideas about improving the sport, he would also have a fair amount of leverage to plug his stance. Surely this would be enough of an appeal to drag McGregor away from boxing a man who would most likely beat him.


The difficulty with booking McGregor against GSP? Ask Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who compete for yet another interim title at UFC 209. McGregor currently holds the 155-pound title, and another non-title defense will likely do as much damage as it does good in the long run.

Interesting and exciting times, folks.