It was most likely that the fight will happen but Conor hasn’t signed the bout agreement until just now. The fight will be on January 23, 2021. Conor’s last fight was at 170 against Donald Cerrone. It ended in just 40 secs via head kick and punches.

In the opening bell, Mcgregor advanced right away with his signature left straight but Cerrone ducked under but got hit with a knee. Clinch was initiated where Mcgregor used his shoulder strikes which busted Cerrone’s nose instantly. Cerrone then threw a head kick which was blocked, which in Mcgregor landed the same head kick that stunned Cerrone. It was the beginning of the end for Cerrone.

Dustin Poirier’s fight was against Dan Hooker, where it was a slugfest. Both fighters were trading back and forth but Poirier’s endurance got the better of the later rounds. It was Hooker’s first test against championship-caliber fighters and came up short. Hooker will get better after this fight, as he gained more experience.

Mcgregor and Poirier’s last loss was against lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Both were stopped via submission. So it shows how dominant Khabib was in the division. Both fighters also had small success in the striking department against Khabib but eventually fell short.

Both fighter’s last encounter was in the featherweight division, they were still upcoming contenders. Mcgregor was still a rising star and Poirier showed promise in his future. In the build-up of the fight, there was intense trash talk that Mcgregor initiated. Poirier showed angry emotions, saying that Mcgregor is a disrespectful fighter.

The first fight ended in under one round, where Mcgregor landed a perfect shot just above the ear of Poirier which led to a TKO victory. Looking back, Poirier said that emotions got the better of him but has learned many things in the Mcgregor fight. After his loss with Mcgregor, he moved up to the lightweight division which proved to be a good move.

Mcgregor eventually got the featherweight title by beating Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. He got the opportunity to fight for the lightweight belt without fighting contenders. Mcgregor was the biggest name in the UFC, so he has the privilege of calling the shots. He then successfully beat Eddie Alvarez, becoming a double champ.

After winning the double champ, He went on to fight Mayweather for a boxing match. It was the famous money fight as it became the second biggest PPV fight of all time. Mcgregor fought better than what the experts predicted.

Dustin Poirier had a streak and loss but eventually got the opportunity for the title. He has said that he paid it in full which means he fought through all the contenders in order to get the title shot. He beat Max Holloway for the interim title but fell short against Khabib for the undisputed title.

Stylistically, the fight will be mostly a standup game as both fighters are known for their striking arsenal. It would be interesting to see how both fighters have improved since their last encounter. Both have won the titles and has had success in the lightweight division. It is likely Mcgregor will come in as the favorite for the fight.







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