Jake Paul made another success in his professional boxing record by defeating little-known fighter Andre August in their match in Orlando, Florida. “The Problem Child” delivered his promise to fans to take down the professional boxer by achieving a KO win at the 2:32 mark of Round 1.

His fight versus August was Paul’s third this year, with his latest win giving him a new professional boxing record of 8-1. August, meanwhile, receives a new 10-2-1 record. The bout between the two didn’t last long after Paul delivered a right uppercut that immediately took down August, who failed to get back to his feet.

The opponent is far from the usual influencers and retired MMAs Paul used to fight in the past. According to Paul, this is part of his plan, as facing professional boxers in matches will allow him to cement his goal of becoming a world champion in the field.

The 26-year-old fighter is targeting boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez in the future. Recently, Paul shared his plan to continue to beef up his resume to get the fight he wants against Alvarez, who is known for winning multiple world championships in four weight classes, from light middleweight to light heavyweight. As the young boxer recalled, Alvarez expressed interest in facing him, translating to a huge possibility of them entering a ring together in the future.

“I think the path that I’m on now tees me up in the future to fight Canelo,” Paul told MMAFightingonSBN earlier this week. “… Canelo has expressed interest in interviews, so I think we’re closer than we think.”

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