Joe Rogan’s controversial claims are causing much debate…

Joe Rogan has made plenty of controversial comments in the past but statements he made recently regarding Conor McGregor have really touched a nerve in the MMA community.

Rogan is a big supporter of Conor’s and has been for some time. The degree of praise Rogan leveled on Conor on his latest podcast, however, has been criticized by MMA purists.

The notion that Conor McGregor is the greatest combat sports athlete of all time is one that MMA purists will scoff at. In terms of marketability and financial success, however, Conor is far ahead of anyone else in MMA. The question really comes down to whether MMA is a sport or a hybrid of sports and entertainment.

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Rogan: You Will Never See Anyone Like Conor McGregor Again

Some of the recent comments made by Rogan which have garnered criticism include comparing Conor to Muhammad Ali, something others have taken issue with in the past.

Rogan claimed that Conor mimics a lot of what he saw other trash-talkers do, such as Chael Sonnen and Muhammad Ali.

“You’re never gonna see another one like him because he’s a unique person. He’s literally being himself. You’re gonna see a bunch of people try to mimic that and in a sense, he sort of mimicked the people who came before him, like the Chael Sonnen’s and the Muhammad Alis and the people that were really good at talking s**t. The difference is, what Conor’s been able to do is he’s the first guy in the UFC that’s been able to do that, that’s had spectacular results, and also showed his real character in losing and then coming back and winning very quickly afterwards against the same guy – the Nate Diaz fight.

Ali could certainly talk, and at the beginning of his career, few believed his bold claims. He only made a believer out of some when he knocked out Sonny Liston for the 2nd time, and even then there were still conspiracy theorists. There are comparisons to Conor which can be made there, whether people want to make them or not.

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There Aren’t Words to Describe Conor McGregor

Rogan also spoke about the intelligence of Conor’s team and his performance against Floyd Mayweather earlier this summer. While Mayweather fans believe Conor only did well in that fight because Floyd was holding back, Rogan discredits this and believes Conor won the first few rounds because he is an extraordinary person.

“I think he’s a unique guy in a very – it’s almost like we don’t have a word strong enough [to describe him]. Unique isn’t a strong enough word. . .

“He’s a combination of a lot of things. He has a brilliant team. John Kavanagh, his coach, is a brilliant coach. He’s got amazing jiu-jitsu coaching and striking coaching and his mind, he understands how to apply these things. His ability to perform under pressure is fantastic. You saw that in the Mayweather fight. Even though he lost that fight, he hit Mayweather with some pretty good shots and he won the first three rounds against the greatest boxer of all-time. That’s extraordinary. Conor’s an extraordinary person. He has greatness.”

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Joe Rogan: Conor McGregor Eclipses MMA

Perhaps the most controversial statement Rogan made recently, however, was claiming that Conor McGregor eclipses the sport of MMA.

His next fight in the UFC, whoever it will be, will be probably the biggest fight in UFC history, especially if it’s Nate Diaz because Nate Diaz is a huge name. If Nate Diaz and him decide to do it one more time I think that will be the biggest fight ever in the history of the sport because I think Conor has eclipsed the sport, largely.

“He’s the biggest combat sport athlete not just of today, but ever. There’s no one like him.“

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