Looks like Jon Jones’ announcement is already being criticised by UFC president Dana White…

Equally as talented as he is troubled, former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is an enigma. Riding higher than anyone in the 205-pound division ever had, Jones ultimately fell harder.

Although he had never lost a fight, ‘Bones’ succumbed to a KO worse than any we’d seen before-a repetitive beating against his own demons. After multiple failed drug tests, mini-crime sprees and days in court, Jones was looking to return ‘stronger than before’ against Daniel Cormier.

Looking arguably better than ever, Jones demolished his rival at UFC 214. Unfortunately, and somewhat predictably, Jones screwed up yet again. USADA had claimed another big scalp, and for Jones, it wasn’t the first time.

Stripped of the belt for a record third time (if you count the interim), Jones was once again thrown into the deep end by his own misguided actions. Then came his comments yesterday.

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Jones Claims Comeback, Dana Claims BS

Speaking during another motivated, high-spirited social media post, Jones claimed he was ready to ‘climb the mountin’ again. After so many chances in the past, it’s difficult to take his comments and promises seriously:

“If I made it to the top of the mountain once, I can do it again,” he wrote. “I believe there are talents inside of me I haven’t even discovered yet. There’s nothing I put my mind to that I can’t achieve, just got to be willing to put in the work. Who’s ready to work?”

Nothing he’s put his mind to that he can’t achieve, apart from f***ing staying out of trouble?!?

Dana White’s thoughts on Jones’ status are about as cut and dry as they come:

Dana Doesn’t Think So

Speaking during an appearance The Jim Rome Show (per MMA Fighting), White had nothing good to say about his former 205-pound king:

“I don’t know. He’s not a ‘just about the money’ type guy. He’s really not that kind of guy. I just think that Jon likes to party and he’s a guy that likes to go out and have fun and do whatever it is that he does, and I think the money and the fame made it a thousand times worse.

“This guy couldn’t control himself and would completely go off the deep end. I’m not sitting here acting like Mr. Holier-than-thou, we’ve all gone and had fun and probably partied a little too much here and there, but he consistently, consistently kept doing it.

Continue reading below Jones’ latest ‘I’m coming back’ video…


Even when he would completely f**k up, he would pull himself together and come out and completely f**k up again. Even this last time when he came back, fans forgave and he was the most popular fighter and everybody wanted to see this guy succeed, and he did it again. It’s just unbelievable.”

“Even worse than that, this guy was looking at jail time. This judge gave him another shot and this guy was looking at some serious jail time and a lot of bad stuff and that still didn’t wake him up. If that’s not a wake-up call, you’re unfixable.”

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