“Jon Jones can’t be the GOAT” – Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones responds

According to Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones can never be the GOAT because of his failed drug tests. Jones has failed numerous tests that keep getting away with because of his talents. Cormier and Jones come a long way in their rivalry and in the second fight Jones tested positive of turinabol which then later stripped of his win and ruled as no contest.

The GOAT debate only started getting talked about because Khabib retired 29-0. The most flawless fighter has retired on the top. Most fighters retire on a loss, Anderson Silva who is also in the argument just lost. Fans called Khabib the GOAT after retiring, Jones got a bit salty saying that Khabib’s resume only three title defenses.

One of the greats, George St. Pierre has also shared his opinion on who is the GOAT. He thinks that the GOAT debate is an illusion. All fighters fight in a different era and division, thus makes the argument invalid. When Anderson Silva KOed Belfort, Jones beat DC, and Khabib beating Gaethje are all GOAT moments for him.

But GSP also said in an interview that if he had to choose from all the fighters in history, he would choose Royce Gracie as his GOAT. Gracie was the first UFC winner when the sport was still new. He fought 4 times in one night to become the champion.  There were no rules that can protect the fighters but still, Gracie remained victorious.

In terms of resume and accomplishments, Jon Jones owns all the records. He beat the most former world champions and did it as the youngest in UFC history. Most people do agree that Jones is a generational talent but due to his failed drug, he is discredited. He had such great talent that even when he parties a week before a fight, he still beats his opponents.

Not only Jon Jones is accused of drug use, his own family who also plays pro football was caught using performance-enhancing drugs. With that kind of evidence, the narrative changes and it is likely that Jon himself used performance-enhancing drugs.

If you based his performance throughout his career, Jones fought his best during the pre-USADA era where the drug test was not that strict so fighters get away with using drugs. Jones finished guys and was a savage during that era. After his suspension, he finished Daniel Cormier via head kick but was later stripped due to testing positive for turinabol.

Jon Jones responded to Daniel Cormier’s statement via Twitter. Also worth noting that AKA’s head coach, Javier Mendez will consider Jon Jones as the GOAT if he wins the heavyweight title. It won’t be an easy task for Jones to beat the likes of Miocic or Ngannou but it will be an incredible feat if he does. Most would way that the Khabib GOAT statement is just recency bias and will change once another fighter comes in. Jones posted a lot but the one that targets the argument is below.



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