Deontay Wilder just posted a video on his Twitter explaining the reason he lost the fight. He insisted that Fury should honor the rematch clause and that he tampered with the results of the fight.

Wilder lost not by TKO or KO but due to the corner throwing in the towel. He was already taking unnecessary damage but his body just won’t go down. Sometimes, boxers have that never give up mentality in order to be the best in the sport but the corner should always think of the future of the boxer. If the corner insists that there is no chance of winning the fight and that he is just taking damages which may put permanent damage in their body. It will be wise for the corner to throw the towel.

Throwing in the towel exists for a reason, it is to protect the fighters. One of the excuses that Wilder used was that his corner was a traitor by giving-up on him. First off, the corner just wanted to protect him, and had he not threw the towel, he would have had brain damage.  Wilder recently fired his coach (Mark Breland) who threw the towel. Among the cornermen of Wilder, Breland is by far the most accomplished boxer so that he means he knows better due to his experience. Other cornermen indicated that they should let Wilder go down, which was dangerous for the boxer.

The second excuse is he said was wearing his suit of armor for too long and that it made his legs tired prior to the start of the match. It was his choice to wear them and not Fury’s. In most of Wilder’s fights, he always goes in a flashy costume yet he still wins the fight. He also mentioned that the lights in his eyes rendered his vision to be blurry which made the fight more difficult. This was pretty ironic since Fury’s entrance was he got carried to the ring by a cart.

The last excuse which was the most famous one was that Fury’s tampering with the gloves. In some images shown in slo-mo the gloves of Fury looks loose which Wilder fans are always blaming for the loss. Wilder also said that Ricky Hatton (Fury’s corner) tried to pull the glove which caused it to be loose. Hatton was not in Fury’s corner in the rematch but still made the argument. He thinks that Fury put something in his gloves that made a scratch and dent in his head. Commissions are there to make sure that the fight is safe and fair. Prior to the fight, an observer is gonna inspect the gloves to see if there are no cheats involved and then writes a signature to make sure it won’t be changed.

In order for people to respect Wilder, he needs to own up to his loss. He needs to accept the fact that Fury was the better fighter that night. A boxer that only comes up with excuses will focus on getting better. If the third fight happens, I doubt Wilder will change his gameplan which was useless against Fury. True champions focus on winning and not on winners. Fury even said in an interview that he is worried about Wilder being delusional.

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