Jon Jones been on the down low…

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been through a crazy 18 months. The 28-year old from Rochester, New York has been involved in multiple run-ins with the law, with 2015 being his worst year to date.

Jones was stripped of the title he held with dominance in mid-2015, after he smashed a rental car in New Mexico and fled the scene with pockets full of cash. He left a pregnant woman with a broken arm still in her car when he busted move.

Photo editors are having a ball with Jon Jones' recent arrest...
Photo editor are having a ball with Jon Jones’ recent arrest…

‘Bones’ got off pretty lightly with that offense, although it was never disclosed how much money he had to pay the victim of the crash. He received 18 months probation and a fair chunk of community service too.

It’s nothing considering there was also evidence of drug use in the car, and it’s not Jones’ first offense either. Back in the day, after first winning the belt, Jones was arrested for DUI. Reinstated in late 2015, it was hoped that ‘Bones’ could stay out of trouble long enough to rematch Daniel Cormier at UFC 197.

Then this happened.

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Jones was arrested for his actions that night, and went on a popular talk show to discuss his subsequent four days in jail and court hearing for his probation violation and traffic citations. You won’t believe what he said…


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