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You might be shocked when you learn his drug of choice. Has Jon Jones finally got the help he needs, or will he slide back in to obscurity?

Jon Jones went from being the biggest name in mixed martial arts, to a down and out ex-UFC champion in just a matter of months. His downfall was about as messy and controversial as it could get.

‘Bones’ first looked to be coming apart at the seams when busted for doing cocaine out of competition. The results were shady considering they weren’t ever meant to go public, and eventually got leaked after his UFC 182 fight with Daniel Cormier.

Perhaps the UFC was looking out for Jones? Or maybe, as you’ll learn later in the article, they were doing the exact opposite.

UFC 178: Jones v Cormier - Ultimate Media Day

But Jones’ troubles were only really starting at this point, as the decision win over Cormier was in the rear view mirror, ‘Bones’ was looking ahead to his scheduled UFC 187 bout with hungry knockout artist Anthony Johnson.

The fight with ‘Rumble’ would never transpire, getting scrapped after Jones became embroiled in legal woes. After a late night trip on weed and alcohol saw ‘Bones’ write off a rental car and flee the scene where a pregnant woman had suffered a broken arm, the world began to wonder if Jones’ self destruction would mean he’d never fight again.

Stripped of his title and cast in to obscurity, Jones dropped out of the limelight for a good few months. Now resurfaced, he makes a shocking revelation about being an addict.

Check out Jon Jones admitting to being a drug addict on page 2….

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