More Details Have Been Leaked From the Nick Diaz Domestic Violence Case… And It’s Not Looking Good…

Nick Diaz was arrested last week on charges related to domestic violence. It was a massive blow to fans of the UFC veteran, who had been linked to a 2018 return, after a 3-year hiatus from the organization.

The Diaz brothers are two of the most polarizing figures in MMA – you either think they’re badass and love them or idiots and hate them. Nick hasn’t fought since 2015 when he lost to Anderson Silva. That was overturned to a no-contest when Silva tested positive for PEDs, and Diaz tested for marijuana. He was banned but is eligible to fight again.

There’s a strong chance that we might never see him in the UFC again though. Disturbing new details have emerged about his domestic violence case. A report filed by Las Vegas police reveals the true extent of the allegations, and they’re pretty bad.

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports.


The report reveals that officers arrived at a Las Vegas residency on Thursday, May 24, and took the statement of a woman, “visibly in a large amount of pain and could not walk.” She alleged that Diaz, with whom she had an on-off relationship had become violent, during an argument and physically assaulted her.

It gets worse. As reported by MMA Junkie, the woman also alleged Diaz had been binging on cocaine for a couple of days. The pair had got into another fight the previous day, leaving visible bruises on both of the alleged victim’s thighs.

Allegedly, after the second assault, she crawled to a friend to call the police but then went to a neighbor’s after the friend couldn’t find her phone. This friend also gave a statement to police. She said that the alleged victim had pushed Diaz at Las Vegas club Omnia, during a dispute. Of course, Diaz is an MMA fighter, so that’s not an excuse to batter someone.

Primary Aggressor

After the arrest, police determined that Diaz was the ‘primary physical aggressor’ because there wasn’t a mark on him, and the alleged victim was fairly beaten up. In the police report, it reveals that the alleged victim became angry after she found out that Diaz was sleeping with one of her friends, prompting her to throw a glass of water at him.

He apparently became angry, slamming her to ground, hurting her head. When she ran out of the house to get away, he allegedly followed her, picking her up and slamming her into the ground, injuring her hip.

The alleged victim’s body language was described as: “irregular breathing, “in pain,” and “nursing body part.” Both Diaz and victim confirmed to police that they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the arrest.

Not Good

This is really not looking good for Diaz. While Diaz’s business partner has claimed the alleged victim is ‘deranged and insane,’ it still doesn’t sound right that an elite professional mixed martial artist assaulted a woman because she made him angry. Especially if he’s been on a two-day coke binge.

Diaz is due back in court on June 24. He was released May 25 on $18000 bond and is currently keeping his head down in his native Stockton, California. The UFC is said to be planning their own internal investigation. Dana White will be furious.

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