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Jon Jones is Going to Have to Deal With To Deal With This for the Rest of His Career… After Being Accused of Being a ‘Lifetime Roider’ by Upcoming Opponent Thiago Santos, He’s Fired Back Hard… 

Both Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Smith used Jon Jones’s controversial PED test failures as a way to help to promote their fights and basically to downplay the UFC light-heavyweight champion’s ability in the cage. Now it turned out that he’s still an elite level fighter and he totally outclassed both men, but those accusations still have to rankle.

Now his upcoming opponent Thiago Santos has joined the bevvy of names who have called ‘Bones’ a cheat. He’s set to take on the champion at UFC 239 on July 6 and is a massive underdog. It could just be an attempt to sell the fight because nobody really thinks he’s going to beat Jones, but he’s taken aim at the Jackson-Wink fighter’s controversial past.

Jones is not impressed by this but you’d have to say he should be used to it by now. After all, his career is always going to have an asterisk beside it now.

Jon Jones fights Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports.


First of all, it will be a massive shock if Santos can beat Jones. Stranger things have happened in MMA though. The Brazilian is an absolute wild man, but will he be able to get close enough to Jones to force him into a brawl? He’s clearly trying to up the mind games because he blasted the champ’s personal life and past problems.

“I’m not bothered by it”,” said Santos in an interview with Combate. “It’s karma, he’ll have to live with it. He will be remembered as a roider, a guy who drives while drunk. That’s his business. I have to be remembered for not doing those things. It’s his life. If that’s how he wants to live his life, that’s his problem. It doesn’t bother me. It’s like I said, you can’t argue about his talent inside the Octagon, but outside of it, unfortunately, he’s not a good role model. That’s what I think.”

Jan 2, 2015; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Jon Jones during the weigh-in for his Light Heavyweight Title Bout against Daniel Cormier (not pictured) at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports.

Shut Down

Credit to the champion though, because he came back hard. He was clearly rankled by Santos’s words as he went after the Brazilian on Twitter:

“I’ve shown my opponent nothing but respect yet today’s headlines are of him talking shit,” wrote Jones. “95% of my opponents insult my personal life before the fight, 100% of them end up losing the fight. Who’s ready for July 6?”

Thiago Santos. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Moral Victory

‘Bones’ believes that Santos is trying to get the moral high ground before he loses. If Jones outclasses him, he can blame it on the Turinabol picograms in the champ’s system.

“I don’t think he’s nervous, it’s just his way of winning some type of moral victory over me,” wrote Jones. “It’s his insurance for when he loses, at least he’ll be known as a good guy.”

Well, as frustrating as it must be for one of the greatest of all time, it wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t consumed banned substances, would it?

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